About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Maccabi Hockey Club!

We are an inclusive and welcoming club. Our aim is to give players an enjoyable and rewarding playing experience. The club works hard to make sure each player learns the skills needed to be competitive on the field and help players grow and develop through their playing career

Maccabi Hockey Club is recruiting Juniors (U10, U12, U14 & U16) as well as senior players (men and women) for the 2021 Winter teams. Masters (35+) as well.
Junior and Senior games are played on Sundays. (we do not play or train on Jewish Holidays)
We train and play on artificial turf.
We train on Wednesday nights.

Field Hockey is a game for all ages and Maccabi Hockey Clubs starts at under 10 and goes up to Veterans Hockey. Field hockey is one of the most skill-based sports out there, as using a stick to move the ball around needs a good level of coordination that you will learn through our training. Amazingly we have a number of players that are 60+ and still going. Hockey is a game you can play your whole life. PS there is no off-side rule.

We have great coaches that will motivate, teach and challenge you. We also looking to recruit goalkeepers.
Team managers are also required so please step up and contribute to the club. If you’re interested in volunteering please contact the club.

If you have never played hockey, we can teach you. We have experienced coaches that will get you started. If you played at school and enjoyed the game, club hockey is a step up and a great challenge. We can give you a stick and ball to get you going. All you need are good runners, shin pads and a mouthguard.

Kids need to be active. Get them off their iPhone and iPad and get them out in the fresh air. Team sports are the perfect release of energy and are great fun. Teams sports get you fit, motivate you and develop unique skills at the same time. Training and playing field hockey Improves balance and coordination, Enhances mental strength, Boost speed and endurance, Improves overall physical strength, Promotes communication skills.

The Junior Club trains on Wednesday nights at Albert Park or Elwood High School at 6pm and Sundays 10am – 11.30am until the season starts. Seniors train Wednesday night at Albert Park. Pre-season training starts early February Games Start in April. Contact us today to join in.

Seniors Training Start 2021
Senior Training Start Feb
Senior Season Start Mid April 2021
Vets Start Mid April 2021
Junior try-out Days & Training 2021
Sunday first 2 Sundays in March 2021 – Contact us for details
Then every Sunday and Wednesday
Junior Season Starts early May 2021
Club Fees are a 2-stage process (you have to register with Hockey Victoria for insurance and then the club).
All information can be found on this website
You can register and pay online ….

Please contact Daniel Grunfeld, the Club Development Manager, and we will get you started.
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